About envoco


Trade Enviro began its life in 2004 as a landscaping company working for local authorities and earth movers.  Over the past 10 years the company has grown and evolved to include more environmental and civil work.   In recognition of this decade of evolution we felt we needed a name change and in 2014 Trade Enviro became Envoco.

Our customers range from small to large companies,  local authorities and council contractors, earthmovers and developers, farmers and private residences.

With a combined 30 plus years of horticultural and environmental experience our management team have cultivated relationships with suppliers from all facets of the industry.  This enables Envoco to develop individually tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer and each project we undertake.  We have preferred sub contractors from the earthmoving and civil industry and preferred suppliers for our plants, topsoil and equipment.

We are certified Grow Safe and Site Safe as well completing Environmental (EMA) Accreditation.

Some of our projects over the last few years include:
  • Greys Ave, Auckland CBD - Hoggin re-instatement
  • Rangariri Pa redevelopment grassing.
  • Westgate Kopupaka Reserve grassing.
  • Old Wairoa Rd - Grassing and streetscape landscaping and raingardens.
  • Kohoura Park - Wetland ecological restoration
  • Pukekohe Racetrack - Pit Lane planting & maintenance
  • Transpacific Technical Services - de-vanning & disposal of creosote logs
  • Wattle Farm Ponds- landscaping
  • Creightons Rd Landfill - reinstatement works
  • Twilight Rd Landfill - planting & vegetation control
  • Telstra Events Centre - aquatic weed control
  • Hampton Downs Landfill - wetland restoration
  • Barry Curtis Park - park development
  • Caronia Place, Lynfield - stream restoration, concrete overflow removal.
  • Hamilton District Court - redesign/develop landscape
  • SH 7 - noxious weed control
  • Butterfly Creek - wetland development
  • Taupo District Court - design & build landscape