Environmental Restoration


Envoco specialises in restoration of all aspects of the environment.  From native revegetation plantings to coastal escarpments and riparian plantings we have done it all.  Kohuora Park was one of envoco's major restoration projects, originally an old tip site envoco transformed this weed ridden swamp into a lush native filled wetland with many years of planting and weed management both manually and chemically. 

Envoco was engaged to clean up and restore the Guthrey drainage reserve in Otara.  We removed the Salix (Willow trees) and discovered the site had a 2m base of rubbish and a total of 26 six-wheeler truckloads was removed to a landfill. 

The photos show the dig out, planting phase and the site a year later.


Envoco is responsible for the lush native riparian plantings at the Clevedon Showgrounds.  Auckland Council required 30,000-40,000 native plant species to be planted and maintained at the site.


Creightons Rd mitigation planting for P&I Pascoe.