Envoco has a dedicated team of ecological experts with a wide range of knowledge, including terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments as well as mammalian, avian, reptilian and invertebrate species. We are able to assess, monitor and manage the ecological values that are associated with the consequences of projects and environmental management and produce risk reports, ecological evaluations and Assessments of Ecological Effects (AEE). Our team have been involved with ecological mitigation and biodiversity offsets, flora and fauna surveys, Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), native planting projects and native habitat enhancement and restoration.

We are capable of interpreting the statutory requirements relating to ecological matters and incorporate this into our ecological management plans. We offer strategic advice and policy development including stakeholder and community engagement

Environmental Consultancy

Our team are experienced environmental consultants who have assisted in a range of environmental projects to deliver persisting environmental management. We specialise in Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) which offer the development of long-term solutions and strategies which assist in future expansions or the use of an environment. We are able to ensure your proposal is implemented to plan and meets the consent requirements. We will engage with required stakeholders, iwi, regional councils and local communities, to support your project and strive to meet deadlines. We also strive to maintain information on and monitor changes to all relevant Acts, regulations and management strategies.


Our team at Envoco offer expert advice and innovative research-driven solutions to achieve the protection of native ecosystems against unwanted exotic species and biosecurity threats. We boast extensive ecological knowledge that is applied to successfully accomplish complex biosecurity management projects, both small scale and large scale, which include pest management plans and risk analysis. We have had many years experience undertaking a range of non-indigenous flora and fauna pest control for private landowners, public parks and primary industries. These include noxious weed removals, pest animal trapping, and pest monitoring.

Mapping & GIS Services

At Envoco, we are able to implement advanced mapping and geospatial analysis to assist in the assessment of natural and ecological landscapes. Past successes show off our expertise in creating pest animal matrix design, land management planning, illustrating the presence of pest plant infestations, vegetation surveys and biodiversity maps. The use of detailed visual data is also incorporated in site selection and urban design projects.

Environmental Restoration

Envoco specialises in restoration of all aspects of the environment to re-establish ecological, cultural, landscape and urban design features to an environment. The team have performed ecosystem restorations across the north island which involved native revegetation plantings, coastal escarpments and riparian plantings. We have been involved in waterway enrichment projects which comprised the removal of noxious weed and native revegetation, transforming a weed ridden swamp into a lush native filled wetland. Envoco has two barges suited for aquatic works and a purpose built dredge system that allows us to rid ponds of all unwanted aquatic weeds.

Envoco have over 25 years spraying experience and our team are Grow Safe certified. We can provide a wide range of spraying solutions from total kill to selective weed spraying and offer expert advice to the product best suited to your needs. We can perform noxious eradications and management both manually and chemically.

Civil Management

Our team is able to assist with a wide range of excavation jobs and offer a broad variety of fleet allowing us to undertake all types of environmental work, reducing the impact of downtime on our clients. We are able to perform all kinds of lawn, turf and ground reinstatement. These implements include lawn layers, discing and tyning devices, levelling bars, power rake, and seeding machines which are perfectly suited for reinstating a damaged lawn or turning an area of undesirable earth into lawn. At Envoco, we recognise and implement visual and landscape values in your policy planning or development. We are able to utilise our fleet to structure environments for current and future generations.